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Service for IT bussines
There are a variety of services. So that customers can choose to use in their business. ready to give advice From the start of business creation, structure, development, design to support 24 hours a day.
Our Service

Develop Software

We have experts in software development. We use modern technology tools that are suitable for the business. to meet the needs of our customers and can actually be used.

Api Gateway

Application interface (API) management is an essential part of modern software development. It's worth investing in API infrastructure, including tools, gateways, and microservice architectures for both internal and external users.
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Cloud Solution

A service model for the application of Cloud Computing or Cloud Technology in order to maximize the benefits of service users and respond to the work in the New Normal style with full efficiency.
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Web E-Commerce

Doing business with trading, exchanging products and services together on the internet by using the website or application as a means of promotion Including being a communication channel between stores and customers.
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Managing customer websites to be online on the Internet And there is also an area to store website files for customers.
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Web Application

Preparing a Web Application to focus on people to use. It will be cleaner, faster and more comfortable than normal websites. Because the focus is on a particular subject.
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SMS Marketing

The company has conducted marketing via SMS which resulted in more customers accessing our products through SMS2PRO.
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Web Design

There is a system to support website design for customers. who do not know how to have a beautiful website There is a specialized design team so that customers can choose to decorate the website as they like.
Example project
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SMS2PRO is operated by Expsystem Co.,Ltd which is a software house company. SMS2PRO also offers many services for you such as SMS OTP, SMS Marketing along with 24-hour after-sales service and packages. Unbelievable value Our company is not seeking profit or capital. But we want our customers to use the most international standard service. And we are ready to serve customers throughout the journey.
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Expsystem Company Limited
143/666 Borommaratchachonnani Road, Arun Amarin, Bangkok Noi Bangkok 10700
Tel: 02-101-2878
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